Chapter 82 -The Anti-Slapp Con

After considerable effort I was able to acquire via subpoena the false and defamatory statements made by Joel Christiansen and Linda Marshall. Unfortuantely I was unable to secure this evidence until well after the first hearing on the motion to strike my complaint against the two perps.

Once I filed my motion to appeal, Robert Herndon, Chief Judge Clackamas County, and at a hearing on my motion fo reconsideration based on the subpoena evidence, the Judge decided that it was out of his jurisdiction.

What that means is that the two perps got away with perjury, they got away with lieing to the court, the plf got away with assisting these perps with the lie and tagged me with the bill for filing the lawsuit.

Ultimately the anti-slapp lawsuit is now just an opportunity for the court to exercise control over a lawsuit and deny the plaintiff an opportunity for a trial before a jury.


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