Chapter 58 – Robert E. Jones: An Oral History

Reprinted and attached here.robert-e-jones-usdchs-oral-history.

This is a very nice and endearing history of Judge Robert E. Jones, produced by the US District Court Historical Society. I enjoyed it a lot and I think it paints a nice history of a respected man and Judge .

I noted that Judge Jones did reference Bill Crow (name misspelled) in the oral history. And by oral history I mean that the attached is a question and answer session between Judge Jones and a member of the Court Historical Society.

Quoting from the piece, “The history of the Court is being created by the men and women who have participated in its collection and activities. The Society’s goals
are to collect as much of that history as possible, because is it the history
of the law and those who make it that constitutes the moral development
of humanity. All of us who are students of the law venerate it. We are also
interested in the people who make it.” Judge Owen Panner,
February 28, 2006.

The above is a wonderful quote and we need to remember that morality and ethics are not static. The world temps and challenges our morality and ethics frequently and a wrong turn can tarnish that, can compromise even the best of us. It does not mean our life’s work should be discarded or discounted. Like so much of our human experience, we seek perfection and rarely achieve it and if we do it is fleeting, temporary, ephemeral. The moment can be captured and it the moments should be acknowledged and celebrated.

Until next time.


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