Chapter 56 – Marshall and Christiansen Confess

In a response to the Oregon State Bar, Linda Marshall confessed that she and Joel Christiansen, counsel for M, contacted the deputy of Judge Robert E. Jone’s Chamber. They have not clarified what they said to the deputy but it was referenced to Chapter 19 of this blog. We can presume I think that M&C represented to the deputy that they felt the blog was some kind of threat. The language in the blog that appears to have been referenced is “Congratulations Judge Jones. Perhaps more often than not our legacies are not what we wanted them to be.”

It appears to me that the goal of M&C is not simply to destroy my property. It’s to destroy my life and they don’t seem to get the fact that their contact to a Federal Judge, making this absurd allegation that I intended violence, is not just defamatory as to me. Rather it is an insult to all of us, because it confirms that the equivalent of backroom politics in civil litigation is alive and well. And when backroom politics becomes a strategy, it also acknowledges that Judges actively set the facts aside to benefit those they simply like. It’s not simply activism.

The admission by M&C means that the perversion of justice is more than alive and well. It means that attorneys value this strategy as much if not more than the facts of a case and it confirms the inconsistency of our judiciary. Perhaps it confirms that innuendo has greater weight than facts. Why is that? How did we get here?

For a country of laws, an independent, unbiased, well educated, intelligent and honest judiciary is a necessity. It’s not a luxury.

What are we going to do? Well, we are going to publish, disseminate, write our congressional delegation, challenge our media to critically evaluate this issue, raise the awareness and send out a million emails.

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