Chapter 55 – My Lawsuit For Racketeering

I decided to add racketeering to the lawsuit against Marshall, the OSB and several John Does (who have not as yet been identified). I was on the fence about this initially but once I learned that the Oregon State Bar is picking up the tab for Marshall and Christiansen, aiding and abetting conformation was realized. When that happened, the historic collusion between Marshall and John Does becomes a short step for racketeering.

As the name suggests, racketeering is a term that typically denotes criminal activity of a group of people engaged in illegal activities. Whether our racketeers rise to the level of a criminal enterprise will be decided, but at a minimum the acts necessary to make these allegations exist.

The acts identified in Oregon as racketeering include perjury, bribery, false evidence, coercion, witness tampering, obstructing justice and perverting the  judicial process. There are many others but those listed above are the most relevant. I did not add Joel to this action. He’s not guilt of this. His legal fees may be paid by Silicon Valley Bank, but they are not a party here an he is a racketeer as to M.


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