Chapter 52 – If…then

If, then is a conditional statement (also called an if-then statement) and in this case is a statement with a hypothesis followed by a conclusion. The hypothesis is the first, or “if,” part of a conditional statement. The conclusion is the second, or “then,” part of a conditional statement. The conclusion is the result of a hypothesis.

But as in any logical statement, a false or weak statement “if” statement will lead to an equally false conclusion statement. So if you say if If I am in California, then I am at Disneyland. That is False. I could be in San Francisco.

Or If I am not at Disneyland, then I am not in California.False. Again, I could be in San Francisco. SO lets use some of these if then statements in the context of Marshall, M, and Christiansen’s activity.Lets call them the M group.

If the M group wanted Judge Jones intervention then they would communicate with him. True. They would need to communicate with him or have someone else do so. If they did not want his intervention, they would not communicate with him. Also true. If they wanted Judge Jones to stay out of it then then would not bring the blog to his attention.

If only 5 unique people read my post Chapter 19 then one of the 5 communicated to Judge Jones or caused someone else to do so. True statement provided that one of the five is not Judge Jones.

If Judge Jones was one of the 5 readers of he would not have told the U.S. Marshals service that someone brought this to his attention. Could be true but then Judge Jones could have been lying about that. If he was lying about that then he was one of the 5 readers.

The Blog was not being indexed or marketed and a search for Judge Jones at that time would not have provided a link to the blog. The only links were to Marshall, “M” and the aribtrator. Marshall was the first to notify me that M ad found the blog and found my posts Defamatory.

If Judge Jones found the blog on his own then he would have been searching for Marshall, M or the aribtrator. I think that unlikely. If that is not true, then one of the 5 readers notified Judge Jones.

If someone notified Judge Jones, they would have some reason for doing so. True. What was the reason. The post was not a threat and someone needs to create the allegation that the post was a threat.

If someone wanted to create a false image of a threat, then they would do so for a reason. Seems logical that one of the 5 would not take the risk of making a false claim without something to gain.

The original 5 readers of the blog are me, Marshall, M, Ware & Christiansen. Essentially me and the M group.

But there is a little twist. The blog stats data provided by wordpress show that there are only 6 views of the post from the date of its writing. And on November 12, 2015, the day I posted it only one person viewed the post. Only One! And it wasn’t me.

If on November 12, 2015 only one person viewed the post then that person and or his agent contacted Judge Jones’ chamber. The M group.

The M group is not only guilty of contacting Judge Jones, but they are particularly guilty of twisting the meaning of the post suggesting a threat. More importantly in order to make that twist of meaning they wanted to get something out of it. And that was to Defame me or retaliate against me for writing this blog and to enlist the help of the US District Court.

While the retaliation intent is clear, I want to make sure the readers understand that the only reason Judge Jones ever entered consideration in the blog is because Marshall brought him in during the arbitration imploring the arbitrator to find in their favor because of a prior ruling and issue with Judge Jones. But in the larger message there is more and that was in the form of an instruction to the arbitrator to do as Marshall requested. If you extend this further the instruction came from Judge Jones. If it did not, the Marshall acted on her own and tried to manipulate the aribtrator.

There is no separate reason for Judge Jones to care about me nor for me to care about him. I moved on quickly past the issues that arose in that Sean Jones lawsuit. But what is important to remember is that while Judge Jones sought to intervene for Sean Jones, when I challenged him on that point he recused himself of the case and threw me out of his Chambers. And while he may have considered me impudent, it would take a particularly mental instability to care about me further. He told me to pay the judgement and my company did, but only after we exercised our legal appeal rights. So, if Marshall was recruited by Judge Jones or Bill to take on the M case in 2010, that’s a serious indictment on them and in particular the health of a Judge who has otherwise earned our respect.

M didn’t find Marshall through the OSB referral service. She was found for him and now we will be able to get to the real story.

Remember on November 12, 2015, the day of Judge Jones dinner, there was only one view of the Chapter 19 post.

Until next time.


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