Chapter 51 – My Lawsuit for Defamation

There are now three separate lawsuits.

The first a collections action by one of my company’s former employee and his now two attorneys. That litigation appears to be sponsored by X, who we will disclose at some point in the future.

The second is a lawsuit filed by one of the attorneys of my former employee M seeking damages for publishing this blog or for some elements of the blog, claiming that it is again retaliation for his “fictional” complaint to the ODJ.

The third is a complaint I filed against Joel Christiansen and Linda Marshall, attorneys for “M.” That complaint alleges that Marshall and Christiansen did or conspired or aided and abetted contacting The Honorable Robert E. Jones chamber and alleged that one of my blogs was veiled threat to do physical harm to Judge Jones. Then Judge Jones in turned contacted the U.S. Marshal’s service who contacted one of my attorneys and then me. Judge Jones wont tell me who contacted him, but the only readers of the blog were M and his team of attorneys.

The goal of that contact to Judge Jones chamber was designed to permanently defame me with the Federal Court and to gain some advantage in the first lawsuit as well as set some ground work for the second lawsuit. Most probably it was also to try to shut this blog down because we are getting very close to revealing the story behind the story. Recall that Marshall took it upon herself to bring references to prior litigation I had in front of Judge Jones more than 15 years ago. Her goal in doing so was to convince the arbitrator to find in her favor. I say her favor because she entered into a contingent fee agreement with my former employee “M” and wanted the arbitrator to award her a very large number. Pretty unscrupulous behavior.

Because of may examples of unscrupulous behavior by Marshall I filed a complaint with the Oregon Sate Bar. To suggest that the OSB pretends to care is accurate is true. They do a good job of that. To suggest however that the OSB actually cares that a former partner of an arbitrator is imploring him to set the facts aside and give her a big damage award is not true. The OSB does not care. The OSB’s first charge to protect and develop the franchise of law. It is not to protect the public.

And so after the second complaint about Marshall to the OSB and a rather pathetic response by the OSB, it seemed rather apparent to me that the OSB will only take this seriously if a jury of our peers considers a claim of aiding and abetting of the defamatory actions taken by Marshall and Christiansen, which on their part may only be aiding and abetting and concealing the behavior of someone else, but are benefiting from that action. After all if they are effective at tainting all actions I have in Federal court, they win a piece of that award.

So it’s a big deal. The biggest. It’s about making sure our judiciary remains honest and unbiased and uninfluenced by the unscrupulous and back room dealing of what probably represents a small portion of practicing attorneys. Frankly they should be cleaning this up themselves.

And with this post this blog will now be public. I have asked Joel and Linda to give me guidance and recommendations to meet their clients needs for privacy, which I am happy to do. But they have not responded and so I have implemented steps to keep M’s identity private to the degree I can and it is not possible to do so completely.

I am sad that this task has fallen on me. I would rather be playing golf and reading about it by someone more adept at telling this important story. But as far as I can tell no one including our news outlets want to be critical of judicial behavior and the unscrupulous behavior of attorneys who try to and some times successfully influence our judges and arbitrators to the detriment of our community.

But to their credit the FBI does care. The lawsuit is attached here.FIRST AMENDED COMPLAINT

Until next time.


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