Chapter 42 – I reached out to The Honorable Robert E. Jones

Actually I sent an email to his clerk, the contact for his Chambers. The content of the email was simple. I wanted to know who suggested to them that the blog post I wrote the day of his Life Time Achievement Award dinner was somehow a veiled threat to him. And by threat I mean a physical threat.

The folks that benefit from that obvious lie are M and Marshall. Joel seemed rather upset by it and was concerned we were writing about it. That does not mean he did it or had knowledge of it being done. He may have. The secrecy of their ongoing contact is what I am trying to shine a light on.

In response to the email, I received another call from the U.S. Marshals service. Again the Marshal I talked to was exceedingly polite and professional but the message was clear and that was do not reach out to Judge Jones’ Chamber. That just means we will have to send a subpoena after the Defamation claim is filed.

This entire childish behavior by the other team reminds me of the little red riding hood story, where little Red would cry wolf when there was no wolf just to get attention. And in this case, whoever did it attempted to use it as a method to overcome some of what we have been writing about. I have been surprised by the lengths an attorney will go to just to collect a pretty small amount of money. The fact that I wrote about their contact with Judge Jones Chamber is what stimulated the latest lawsuit. No doubt in my mind.

The email I sent I was an attempt to give Judge Jones an opportunity to set the record straight on who contacted him and who would even care to do so. Again I’m fairly sure Judge Jones is not reading my blog. I am however pretty sure he will read the book. The book weaves in a lot of this backroom contact, as well as the personal motivations of a league or network of Judges using their authority to engage in all kinds of activity, legal and illegal. Often they benefit financially from the behavior. And it is a Novel…fiction. But I do draw on these real life experiences like I’ve experienced with what I’ll call this Judge Jones affair. And, frankly, it provides me more material. What I find interesting and maybe even alarming is the activity the accuser has engaged in. It seems so middle-schoolish.

Nonetheless we have here actions that are real, backroom contact that was intended to influence our current litigation, and new litigation with a message that if I don’t back off, one or more Federal Judges in Portland will try to shut me up by imposing significant monetary damages. I got the message, but I can not shut up.

I wonder when Federal Judges decided it was within their sphere of influence, their right, to shut down free speech through intimidation. I have already talked to a few publishers about that fact that a critique of the court is consider taboo, that they fear they will be punished when forced to defend themselves in court. When some of our news agencies don’t feel safe to critique a Judge on a ruling or any observed behavior, it it fair to say that we have found where free speech can be snuffed out? And would it not also be fair to say that we have found the place where bribes and influence can be effectively deployed without the public really knowing anything about it. Looks like it to me.

And so I will continue to write about it.

On a separate note let me say that I have visited the Clackamas County Courthouse a few times to see just how busy our Judges are there and aside from a few of them, they don’t seem to be very busy at all. They aren’t in the courtroom anyway. Except for a few. One of the few Judge who is busy all the time is Jeffrey Jones, Robert Jones’ son. He is a hard working Judge and I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge that.

Our state court Judges don’t make a great deal of money. They have a very good retirement program which balances out the lower current income. I don’t know if they would prefer to increase their current comp by 50% and reduce their retirement by 50%, but that seems to me to be a more viable approach.

Until next time.


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