Chapter 36 – Redacted Files

Although Joel Christensen has not called me back nor responded to my email request for a meeting on the latest lawsuit, I have modified the site to minimize the inadvertent references to M’s last name. From a search perspective, this will mean the only M’s lawsuits and his claims against me personally and my company will remain in the search results…at least over time.

M has to be responsible for his own filings. And there are many. No doubt the latest lawsuit has to do with the fact that his claim is against a company that will be filing bankruptcy shortly.

As I have pointed out many times, this blog is not about an employee claim. It could be any claim. It is about the litigation process and in particular taking issue with arbitration.

We are about to file our RICO and Defamation claim.

Arbitrators Opinion and Award R – CANON4F5259_LDAPMAIL_04052011-144457

Examination of the 120 gig hard drive R – examination_of_120_gb_hard_drive_old

Examination of the 60 gig hard drive R – Examination of 60 GB Hard Drive Email

Examination of the Termination Email R – williams_exit_time_final_report001036

Motion to Vacate R – MotiontoVacate

Memorandum in Support of Motion R – memorandum-supporting-motion-to-vacate-award

Video Analysis R – Video Files Analysis

Arbitration Taken 5-24-10 R – ARBITRATION TAKEN ON 05-24-2010

M Forensic expert report Exhibit on my termination email R – Exhibit 3

M Forensic expert report Exhibit on my termination letter R – Exhibit 1

Our Summary Judgement Motion filed in 2006. R – summarydispositionMEMO



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