Chapter 34 – Service

I was just served with the lawsuit complaint against me and every other entity they ( Joel Christansen) could imagine I own. More on the details of the lawsuit tomorrow, but first impressions are that they are attempting to convince me to take the blog down, something I don’t want to do, & have framed the complaint around a pseudo defamation claim and employee harassment claim.

I would remind our readers (mostly Joel, M, Linda, Sandra and an occasional Federal employee), that the blog is about the trials and tribulations of litigation, but particularly showcasing that arbitration is not as robust as court, does not follow the rules of evidence, which in our case resulted in Marshall poisoning the arbitration. And appeal opportunities in Federal and State Court are much greater than in an arbitration. It is not about M. It’s about so much more. Joel I’m still waiting to hear from you.

Recall further that Joel was not happy about us reaching out to Clackamas County Judge Jeffrey Jones, wanting him to know that we in no way threatened Senior Federal Judge Robert E. Jones. We pointed a finger to the likely beneficiaries of that false claim, the new law firm of Joel, Linda, M, Sandra & Goofy,LLC, with offices in Oregon, California and New Jersey.

We now have evidence that some members of the law firm of Joel, did engage in defamation against me personally with the intention of advancing their interests in a Federal Lawsuit already underway, & they did so with the belief that Robert Jones would carry the torch for them with other Federal Judges and Magistrates as they believed he did in the arbitration.

I must admit that their behavior has me convinced that Judge Robert Jones did have a hand in the arbitration result and we have pursued confirmation of that fact. And I am surprised. Very surprised and very disappointed.

Great men and women do not engage in the behavior the new law firm of Joel, Linda, M, Sandra and Goofy, LLC, have intimated that Judge Robert Jones has and is willing to engage in. It is still hard for me to believe, but its clear they believe it and who am I to question their collective conclusion here.

And we want our Judges to be great men and women, don’t we? I know I do. We need that as a nation.






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