Chapter 29 – Oregon State Bar Complaint

I found it necessary to file another Oregon State Bar Complaint against Linda Marshall after someone from Judge Jone’s (correct possessive?) chamber notified the U.S. Marshals that one of my posts presented a threat to Judge Jones. For the record, I have always wanted to revere Judge Jones, but have absolutely no interest in fearing him. Reverence is good. Fear is not. Reverence is a belief in the integrity of the judiciary and a reflection of the public confidence in it. Fear is not a worthy pursuit. Fear is the antithesis of faith, whether that faith is in God or in the institutions of a civilized society.

Nonetheless as I contemplated this series of events and further considered that no one from Judge Jones staff nor Judge Jones would be reading my blog, the road to this interference would likely come from only one source. That source is the M camp. Whether that source was Linda Marshall or Sandra Ware or M or Bill Crow, we don’t know. I have asked the FBI to investigate and have asked the same of the U.S. Marshal’s service. They probably wont, but I think it falls within the mandates of the public corruption task force of the FBI.

We still have ongoing litigation in the U.S. District Court of Oregon and I can only presume that as much as Marshal has asked the court to set the facts aside and rule in her favor, because there is a presumption that Judge Jones does not like me and that then the rule of law should be replaced with the rule of emotion and I should lose…always…whatever the issue. I must admit that I am surprised at the number of judges who think that’s ok. I doubt that the Honorable Robert E. Jones believes that. As much as he hates someone, I suspect he would internally struggle a little but ultimately make a decision that would protect the integrity of the court. And yet this misinformation was directed to him. And he was concerned enough.

And so I incorporated the veiled and close to ex-parte contact to the Oregon State Bar. Judges do talk to each other by the way and no doubt this event made it to the ears of the Judge handling my companies case. I believe the Bar wants to do a good job here. But at the end of the day, they just don’t. Very few lawyers get censored in any form. This how we must do it. By publishing.

The Oregon State Bar is a mandatory membership organization to practice law in Oregon. It serves in part to protect the public from unethical behavior. It serves to protect the franchise of the law…lawyers…judges…and the public confidence in them. It serves as a quasi-government body empowered to protect the citizens of Oregon.

Oregon State Bar protect us from Linda Marshal. Take away her license to practice in Oregon. As I mentioned in my previous post, an attorney can be both competent and operationally unethical. California is a big place. Practice there Linda.

By the way I reached out to Judge Jones’ son, Jeffrey, also a Judge. It appears to be a family business. Judge Jeffrey Jones is a Judge in Clackamas County. I reached out to Judge Jeffrey Jones by phone and email wanting to assure the Jones family that I only use the pen, not the sword. I have not heard anything back. I did not think it appropriate to reach out to The Honorable Robert E. Jones.

One of our motions is coming up for oral argument. In a few posts from now we will review the past three motions and review why they failed and why they should have succeeded. And we have a guest author who will help us with that analysis. Stay tuned.




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