Chapter 28 -The League of Former Partners

When I do an internet search, I find that William Crow has been, and recently been, an attorney representing the League of Oregon Cities (LOC). The LOC  provides a number of member services, including training and advocacy. By contrast, Linda Marshall sues cities on behalf of former employees with a grievance.

While I could not find much on Bill Crow on Linkedin, I have found cases filed by him as late as 2003 confirming he was still at Miller Nash before moving to Schwabe. Marshall worked at Miller Nash for 18 years as her Linkedin information indicates. Half of that time as a partner.

Linda L Marshall’s Linkedin page indicates:

 Experience
Owner and principal
Law Office of Linda L. Marshall
July 1997 – Present (18 years 6 months) | Portland, Oregon Area

Problem solving for employees, employment litigation (wage, wrongful discharge, ERISA, discrimination, disability insurance).

Miller Nash LLP
September 1983 – July 1997 (13 years 11 months) | Portland, Oregon Area
Employment law (primarily representing employers), litigation. Partner (7 years) Associate (7 years)

While I believe that Marshall is a competent attorney, my personal experience and opinion has been that she crosses a line falling on the side of unethical. Advocacy probably crosses this line more often than we would like. Fighting a battle against deeper pockets probably influences Marshall’s approach and while I do not endorse it, I see how it happens. Lawyers not understanding where the ethical line lies is probably more common than we would like to admit. Crossing it periodically probably erodes an attorney’s self control. Some clients may like or need that. I would not. You should not.

As much as I would like to change this behavior, former partners carry with them either credibility or the opposite. Being a partner in a law firm with someone is not a minor point. You risk a lot with your partners and they with you.






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