Chapter 22 – Perhaps more often than not our legacies are not what we wanted them to be.

Yesterday my attorney and friend received a call from the US Marshal’s Service. The Marshal contacted us because they received a call from Judge Jones office identifying the Title of this Chapter as a physical threat to Robert Jones.

When I wrote “Perhaps more often than not our legacies are not what we wanted them to be” I did not in any way mean this as a veiled physical threat. Even in the most jaded light I cannot see their concern. This blog is about using the pen, not the sword.

I called the U.S. Marshal. He was very pleasant and professional and I assured him I was not a violent threat to Judge Jones. That matter is closed.

My blog is examining the abuse of civil procedure, arbitration and even litigation itself, which may taint the legacy of all involved, including me. It’s the road we are on & it affects Bill Crow, Linda Marshall, M and Robert E. Jones. It has the opportunity to affect Judge Jones legacy because Bill Crow reviewed prior litigation we had been engaged in at the request of Linda Marshall but only one instance of that…the opinion written by Judge Jones…who at this point we can conclude is a friend of Bill Crow. Marshall appealed to Crow to consider past litigation, even though it had nothing to do with the M case or the M facts.

All this being true the question that comes out of this inquiry by the U.S. Marshal’s Service is who contacted Robert Jones to even notify him that I had published Chapter 19, which was just yesterday. I cannot imagine that Judge Jones’ office has been following my blog. But even if they are I cannot image they went looking for it. Someone with an agenda brought it to their attention. I’m not writing anything that would surprise them.

What I can imagine is that Linda Marshal contacted Judge Jones’ office and intimated there was a threat. And that raises yet another question of behind the scenes, backroom, unethical influence intended to advance their current litigation. Brazen, traceable, discoverable and unethical. Linda wants us to take the blog down and I have refused to do so. Instead then she is attacking it as a forum suggesting violence, which it clearly is not.

Wise Guys don’t blog Linda.


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